Without dreams, we can never become

more than that which we are.


Balance is Everything.

All of life is a balance:  Good versus evil, happiness versus sorrow, harmony versus anarchy…  Without one, there is no real understanding or appreciation of the other.  When I was little, I dreamed of a magical place where anything you imagined was real.  I believed that there,  anything was possible.  It was a place where I had unlimited power and could be anything I imagined.   As a little girl, I called this magical place, “Wish Land.”  As I grew older, I began calling it Wysterra.  

The Journey

Some destinations are but waiting rooms.

The Legend

Everything has a beginning.

When the world was born, there was no imagination, and there were no dreams.  Slumber was not a rewarding experience for humans. Countless suns would rise, and countless nights would fall before they would be able even to close their eyes and attempt a slumber.  For when their eyes would fall shut, all they found was an empty void.   As the humans were sleep-deprived, they would become irritable, and fights would break out often.    Only when they reached the point that they could no longer stand,  could Hypnos, the bringer of sleep, trick them into slumber.

The goddess of the night, Nyx, decided this was not good for the humans. To resolve this, she decided she would give them somewhere to go when they slept, a place to dream; hence she created Wysterra. 


To escape an illusion, peel back its veneer.


Tragedy can be a bridge.

            It was the kind of squeal you hear and know the car is not going to stop, and when it does, it is just not in time.    Ava Nelson, sitting in the back seat of the car she shared with her family, shut her eyes as the force of the impact tossed her back and forth like a ragdoll.  When the motion finally stopped, her eyes slowly opened to find a blurry view of what was around her.  She felt dizzy and was unsure if feeling this way was from the tossing about in the car or something more.   

Dreams are the key to all that we are.